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she lives in an old cottage by the shore, and the waves break against the shallow cliffs and spray foam all over her drying dolls. She makes charms and love-spells and potions, and crafts dolls from ceramic mold to quaint little mannequins; and they come alive under the touch of her blue-stained fingers (blue because she paints their eyes always blue, like the waves and the eyes she should have had)

he keeps a lighthouse in an island off the coast, and he comes and goes to town in a chipped grey boat (the color of her house) and he's happy living alone, savoring the silence and the power he has, over life and death, and light and darkness, and every night he makes the cove alight/adarkened with his lantern, showing the way to the piers.

she's the one that sings the children of the village asleep, because the strong drifts carry her lullabies tucked in the fold of their cloaks, and the fathers and mothers in the village listen entranced to her songs of death and rebirth every night, coming and going like the glow of the lighthouse's lantern (he's never heard her sing because at night, he is far, far away from shore, making the darkness dance with the ghosts in the fog)

she's the one that makes pretty-perfect dolls for the village daughters to play with, and makes every little boy striped costume-clothes to pretend he's a sailor sailing the world (like her very own true love, but he never came back, just like these kids aren't leaving)

(he's the one making sure every man returns home every night)

she's the one that lives in a cottage far, far from the cozy village, because she sees (selkies, spirits, ghosts) things no-one should see, and she's strange;

just like he's strange, stranded in the lighthouse island, but he likes it there (dark, damp, lonely)

and sometimes, they meet-

halfway (she's got a boat that used to belong to her man, but he's painted it the color of his lighthouse)

and they talk of life, and death, and darkness, surrounded by a halo of kelps and screaming seafowl overhead, they reach out, from boat to boat (and below, the dark water), they touch, in an overcast world without color although her eyes are amber and his heart is black,

(and halfway,) bleached by seawater like an old clam, (there may be love.)

inspired by the movie 'Half Light', that happens in a small cove in Wales.
I eeffing love that movie.
There's a character that's a medium and makes dolls and then there's the lighouse keeper, that's really a hired assassin. The lighhouse keeper faals in love with the main character, a novelist, but what if he had something going on with the medium-dollmaker?

Supernatural stuff would happen.

Still, it's -inspired- by the movie, but many things have nothing to do with it. So it's not really.... well, dunno. Just saying.
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PossumFan Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love this, it's really well-written.

+ fave
BluestWaves Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
you're too kind!!!!! thank you so much :)
PossumFan Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome. :)
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you are so awesome, guys :)
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thousand thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I did fav the journal :)

(how did you come across my writing? I'm interested...!)
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You're very welcome! :)

I have this huge list of names that I will some day feature, so I can't quite say how exactly I came across you because it was a while ago and there are so many people that I simply can't keep track. It was probably either using More Like This, or browsing through people's favorites and watchers :shrug:
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