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“There remained the sea, which is free to all,
and particularly alluring to those who feel themselves
at war with humanity.”

― Rafael Sabatini


so random, it even creeps ME up.



Today you sink your fangs into a field of flowers and
tear out the roots, the leaves, the goodness in it,
you twist your jaws around the grass and
bite in deep.
The land you leave is barren once again,

but plantlife is resilient.

There comes the day when all beasts (you too) coil and die in the den
with only flies to lick their wounds.

Tomorrow it will rain, and the fields will bloom anew in freedom and splendour.
I'm angry about university and life. But it's usually so that people pour themselves a gobletfull of poison, thinking they can only hold it, and end up drinking it eventually.
People are stupid.
My friend, the sea is not a poet.
He forgets tendrils of foam on the tideline,
it's not verses, the strings of pebbles and seaweed on the sand.
He's a mute god,
and he never writes anything, at all.

At night, when it sounds like he's singing,
ebb after flow, he only just pins for the moon.

And when little skulls and shells wash up,
the hieroglyphs they form have no meaning.
He carries life in its waves, and when life is gone,
he carries death, and it's the same to him.

My friend, don't be sad.
The stars always rise and reflect on the shore as the tide pulls back,
and you may see the universe,
and the universe is a whole mirror to our Earth,
and it's bursting with stories.
part 2 in the unexpected, i-should-be-studying-so-wtf? "Break" series

you've got to wait for yourself, they say.
Slow down. You've got to slow down.

I'll try. I slept 9 hs today.
I didn't have breakfast. I picked up a book,
and left the computer off.

Go away, sun. I'm not letting you in today.
You're gonna want me to go out, and
I've got to slow down.

I'm waking up.
I'm not changing my underwear much,
and, judging by the chaos in the borders of the realm,
I'd take a guess that Faramir wouldn't be doing that much, either.
Evidently, great epic books don't tell you that.

Everything's become strange now,
and I'm doing things I never do.
I drink hot chocolate, buy ice-cream,
and stay late to classes I'm not taking.

So what. Where a rock stands,
the river winds around it.
And time's always running.
October, november.

Even in great epic books, everybody somehow suffers.
Why do we shun away happiness, I mean,
it doesn't make any sense.
But then again we never really take a break,
though time never slows down.

And I'm thinking now, what we repress, it represses us back.
ask yourself what is there left to love when
you’re taking a shower and the coffee’s gone cold.


The rain plummets down to the broken streets
and you’ve forged an umbrella out of pretty smiles,
and you’re wearing boots carved out of the hopes
of many lonely men.


Wear warm clothes.
The world outside may look mediterranean
but never trust no one.


Archaeology. Some day, you’ll get the makeup off.


There will come big black cars and
big, vacant words. A bleak world full of lively lights and
slurs of grandeur.
There will come sober mornings and cozy sundays,
but not today, not
anytime soon.


Keep a diary that may, some day, redeem all your sins.
Release them as spirals of smoke, ascending up the a heaven void of icons and
closer to God.

wake up. Unearth an honest smile.
poem for a bulgarian girl
I'm sure bulgarian girls are awesome! I wish I could meet one to see how much like this poem they are, and see if the stories I've heard are true :O.
One should not generalize, though. Generalization is evilll
dress yourself like a witch of the oldtimes,
wake up under the cypress of Lore,
and the one who is not will command you
go to sleep and become someone new.

take the map to go up to the cavern,
with a boat cross the sea, chase the sun
when aloud no one’s ever a liar,
in the halls of the King of the Huns

as the question as told by the old man,
become someone new once again
in the halls of the king of the Huns, you
spin the world on a web, on a song.


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I am a writer of very sad things
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